Laravel Basix for v5.3 | Configured and tested components for starting your projects

Updated Laravel Basix v5.3. The package has the Laravel 5.3 version, and various vital components/plugins that you would need for most projects. I’ve configured and tested the application, so that it saves some of your time.

The following packages are included with this repository:

  • Laravel 5.3
  • doctrine/dbal
  • laracasts/generators
  • laracademy/generators
  • laracasts/flash
  • barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper
  • barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
  • laravelcollective/html
  • intervention/image
  • cviebrock/eloquent-sluggable

About the packages:


This package is needed in order to run migration:rollback.

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Artisan command for creating pivot table migrations and more.

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Artisan command for creating models from tables

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Nice handy helper to make your flash message syntax in your controller beautiful.

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Installs a helper class, which helps PhpStorm recognize your laravel classes, so you don’t end up with unnecessary error messages from your IDE.

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An absolute must for development. It installs a debug bar that sits at the bottom of the page that gives you helpful information on routes, DB queries and more.

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Helps you do form model binding, shorter and quicker link helpers etc.

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Very handy image helper class that lets you do things like save thumbnails of the image, set it as grayscale if you choose, and a whole lot more

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Very robust package for adding slugs to your url.

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How to get install?

Download the repository from GitHub, and run the following command:

composer install

And that’s it! Hope you like this package.

Check on Github

Let me know in comments if you need any further help.

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