Multi Login for Laravel 5.3

Laravel Basix 5.3 is now updated, and has Multi-login, where you can login using two different tables, and add more if you need.

Check Laravel Basix 5.3 on GitHub, for more details.

How it works?

Thanks to ┬áthis package “hesto/multi-auth“, it automates the required files and routes to add multiple logins.

Note: Laravel Basix 5.3 already has “admin” table and login configured.

To create a new login for “employee” simply run the command:

php artisan multi-auth:install employee -f

It automatically creates

  • Controllers
  • Model
  • Migration
  • Views
  • Routes and Route file ‘routes/employee.php’, where you can put all the employee related files.

Simply run ‘php artisan migrate’ to create the table.

The login and register links are <your project>/employee/login, <>/employee/register respectively.

Drop a question in the comment if you need any help.

2 thoughts on “Multi Login for Laravel 5.3”

  1. I’m using this package and I’m having a problem with Auth::user. I logged in Customer/home but when I’m in Welcome I can’t get the Auth::user.

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